As the largest private provider of Australian Boat and PWC training, we have
implemented systems to ensure your experience with us is rewarding, professional
and efficient.

  • We are a Registered Training Organisation & conform to National Training Standards.
  • All our customers are treated equally and fairly.
  • Every student receives high quality training notes.
  • We offer free online training quizzes to help you prepare for exams.
  • We use safe, modern, comfortable vessels for practical training.
  • We travel throughout Australia to conduct courses.
  • Our prices are competitive & we offer value for money.
  • Established in 1994, we have over 20 years track record in training for Boat Licence or PWC Licences.
  • We have modern online booking systems.
  • We have documented safety systems.


"Absolutely impressed with the entire course and more so with instructors. They were able to communicate a wealth of information to me which I have taken on board and understood. Theory backed with experience is what made it the most effective. They cater for different learner levels which suited the old man perfectly. I had not done an exam for 40 years and based on what he learnt on the day he passed 100%. Thats how good the training was."

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