• Make sure ski rope is taut before taking off.
  • When skier is jumping into water from boat, make them jump on up current/upwind side.
  • Always travel on starboard side of channel, leaving plenty of room for skier to ski.
  • Always have an observer in the boat. There are usually minimum age regulations for an observer.
  • Never cut across the path of an oncoming boat.
  • Trim the engine up when under way to achieve better fuel economy.
  • Always switch engine off before skier climbs back on to boat.
  • Driver must keep skier sighted when drawing alongside to pass rope.
  • Never reverse when boat near skier in water.
  • Avoid rope tangles with propeller.
  • Always look left and right before doing a beach start.
  • Have observer pull in rope as soon as skier finished. Never leave rope trailing.
  • Never allow skier to wrap rope around a limb whilst in water.
  • Put boat between fallen skier and oncoming boats.
  • Skier should signal ok after a fall.
  • Never come in against traffic when approaching ski beach.
  • Concentrate on what's in front (80%), at sides (10%), and behind (10%) when driving.
  • Ensure observer knows their role.
  • Ensure driver, observer, and skier agree on meanings of signals before taking off. e.g know what hand signals to use to go faster/slower.

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