If you are a shift worker, or due to other work reasons cannot attend the day course, we can provide the course via flexible delivery.

Our comprehensive study kit takes you through all the topics for your boat licence. You'll do the same course as the day students, but you can do the learning via flexible delivery in your own time.

When you order, we provide the course materials and questions, which you work through and bring in when you come for the boat run. We check your work, and review with you any questions you may have to ensure your knowledge of the regulations and other seamanship topics is current and satisfactory.

On the boat, you'll undergo the normal on-water training process which provides new skippers the opportunity to drive under the watchful eye and guidance of a professional instructor. When you've finished the training we'll provide you the paperwork to take to Queensland Transport to obtain your licence.

Payment is required when ordering the study material. Most areas have credit card facilities available.

Refund Policy

Once the Flexible Delivery documentation is posted, the course is deemed to have commenced and a refund is not available. If you are unable to undertake the course off-site, you can return the material to us and complete the course in-house at any of our training centres at no additional charge. If you are unable to attend our in-house course, you may transfer your payment to another person. In this case please communicate with us to assist with any change

For local details please contact our office closest to you.

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