One Day Theory & Practical Boat Licence Course

Qualify for your boat licence in one day with this course.

We at Australian Boating College (ABC) Sydney are pleased to offer discounted prices for families and groups.

The Theory & Practical Boat Licence Course Includes:

  • Navigation, tides, buoyage & vessel lights
  • Marine radio
  • Man over board drill
  • Rules of the road
  • Safety equipment regulations
  • Safety equipment operation
  • Practical on water assessment
  • Weather
  • Powers of authorised officers
  • Masters duty of care
  • Licence & vessel registration regulations
  • Water-ski regulations
  • Anchoring, mooring & docking
  • Launching & retrieving
    Passage planning plus a heap of other topics.

Practical courses are run over one day starting from 8am till 6pm (depending upon venue) and include 3 theory sections as well as the practical on water section.

One Day Theory/Practical Boat Licence Course Prices
Discount pricing for families and groups. (As per 1 Jan 2017)

PWC Licence Courses

Qualify for your PWC licence in one day with this course.

To obtain a NSW PWC (Personal Water Craft) Licence, you must either already hold or have qualified for a NSW General Boat Licence. You can qualify for both in one day with us.

PWC Licence Courses Prices (As per 1 Jan 2017)

Night Time Navigation Course

The Night Time Navigation Course is designed to introduce students to the concepts, risks and skills associated with operating a vessel at night. The course aims to provide instruction and information for the safe operation of powered vessels at night and in reduced visibility and in identifying the associated factors such as other vessels, navigation aids and other hazards, shoreline lighting confusion (backscatter), situational awareness, night vision, preparing and execution of a Passage Plan and more.


Participants on successful completion of this course will:

  • Be able to identify other vessels of various types at night
  • Be able to identify risk of collision situations
  • Be able to take early and clear action to avoid a collision
  • Identify navigation aids and make confident decisions regarding on which side to pass
  • Understand situational awareness for night time operations
  • Be able to steer a vessel by compass at night
  • Be aware of the dangers of the back scatter of shore lights
  • Develop confidence and skills in operating and navigating a vessel at night
  • Understand the importance and implementation of a Passage Plan

Course Delivery

  • The course is limited to 6 persons per vessel to ensure quality of training
  • Delivered over 3 hours onboard our training vessel, usually from 18:00 to 21:00 hours

Radio Licence Course

Our online training for both licences is fantastic. You can learn at your own pace, each topic has a revision quiz, and there's a comprehensive bank of revision questions ready for you at check your knowledge at the end. Follow the link below to the radio licence training website.

Click here to visit the online radio study course.

Once you're ready for the exam, just contact us to arrange to attend and sit the exam.

Jump to Radio Examination Invigilation
Private Group Courses

If you have a group of 10 or more, we can arrange to deliver the training for VHF or HF face to face. If you have a suitable venue we can come to you, or organise one of our own to suit.

Contact us to discuss further.

Radio Examination Invigilation

Study online for your VHF and 27Mhz radio licence at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and then book in to sit the examination with us.

Click here to visit the free online radio study course.

Once you're confident with your knowledge, we can arrange the examination to coincide with any of our scheduled boat licence courses.

Radio Examination Invigilation Prices (As per 1 Jan 2017)

Exam fee (current at 01/02/2013)  $83.00 ea
Invigilation & administration fee  $75.00 ea

Private Boat & / or PWC Licence Courses

A private course can be arranged either at one of our own training venues or at your home, office or club. The below amounts are for boat licence only. This would include both the theory and practical training.

Private Boat and/or PWC Licence Courses Prices (As per 1 Jan 2017)

1-4 Student(s) Boat LIcence Course $1,160.00 per group
Additional Students $290.00 ea
1-4 Student(s) Boat LIcence Course & PWC $1,630.00 per group
Additional Students $405.00 ea

Custom Lessons

Our one day boat licence course is a basic training course; you may feel once you've done the course that you would like some extra practical experience. Maybe our training vessel is very different to your boat or you have done the course but other members of your family will benefit from some extra training. You may have obtained your licence without doing any practical training. Perhaps you would like to learn on our boat without scratching your own! Private tuition on your own, or our vessel, is the next logical step - call us for lessons designed totally to your requirements.

(As per 1 Jan 2017) First Three Hours Per Subsequent Hour
On Your Own Boat from $375.00 from $95.00 per hour
On One of Our Boats $795.00 $110.00 per hour

First Aid Courses & CPR

All boaties should have a knowledge of first aid.

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