From 1st June 2009, NSW Maritime introduced a compulsory practical experience component to obtaining a Boat or PWC licence. The easiest way to complete all the requirements, theory and practical, is by attending our one day courses. We deliver all the theory and practical training and assessment in the one day. Upon successful completion, you will be given paperwork to take to NSW Maritime upon receipt of which they will issue your boat licence. The PWC (Personal Water Craft, or Jet Ski) licence training and assessment can also be done on the same day.

The course covers the basics you'll need to know in order to stay safe out on the water. Among these are:

  • Legal requirements
  • Safety equipment
  • Trip preparation
  • Safe operation of the boat
  • Avoiding collisions
  • Emergencies
  • Safe navigation basics


You can complete a boat licence course without even getting your feet wet!

If you are 11 years and over and want to go on a boat or jet ski, you are eligible to complete a licence course.

A young adult licence can be issued to a person between the ages 12-15, at 16 you are eligible for a General licence.

A boat licence course can be a family affair if you intend to take the family on a safe boating adventure. Our courses are flexibly structured to put you in control of the timing and type of course you want to complete. You can opt to:

  • Join a class using our timetable
  • Organise a special interest groups
  • Organise family course
  • Organise a school sports group
  • Organise a seniors day
  • Organise a ladies group
  • Organise a boys/male group
Buy a gift voucher Also, it is wise to take a free online study course to help you get the most from your licence training.

You may need to bring a hat, sunscreen, warm jacket or wet-weather jacket depending upon the weather forecast for the afternoon on the water.

We provide water during the day and lunch is available for purchase from all our locations. A lunchbreak is usually offered after the Boat licence theory session is complete. Morning tea is a flexible affair and depends on student numbers and time of day.

You are asked to avoid snacking during classes and restrict toilet trips to the specified breaks. If you need to leave the room at other times it is requested that you sit near the exit so as not to disturb the class.

If you leave the class for any period of time, please get the missed information during your breaks.

We enforce a "Mobile Off" policy during class times.

We supply you with the materials you need to complete the course. You will be given our complete student training manual as well as a copy of the maritime boating handbook, pens and pencils. These study notes are for you to keep for future reference, as we understand that there will be times when you might like to refer back to your training course.  We also supply the necessary safety equipment.

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