To obtain your boat licence, you need to have:

  • Practical boating experience, which can be done with us on our vessel in a single session
  • Pass the theory exam. This requires knowledge of the rules, and safe boating, which we offer as an optional theory training session

The two processes can be achieved by attending our complete training course, or you can do one or the other with us.

We can take you through the theory to learn safe boating, and do the theory examination. We can also take you on the water and deliver comprehensive practical training to the standards required by NSW Maritime.

If you also want your PWC licence, we can incorporate providing the theory training and exam on the day. The PWC training and assessment is theory only.

When you successfully complete the standard exam(s), we'll provide you with a completed Licence Application Form, which you can take or mail to Maritime to obtain your boat or PWC licence, no further exams are required.

This is the safest, simplest, quickest and most efficient way to gain your licence.

Every student receives a copy of our high quality color notes, which include the state boat and PWC rules for NSW, VIC, and QLD. These notes are the best in the country and cover everything a new skipper needs to know.

If you choose to do the log book process for your practical boating requirement, involving 3 separate boat trips and having the trips signed off by an experienced skipper, we also offer just the theory training and the theory exam alone, so that you can gain the knowledge you need to be safe on the water.

We recommend every person attends a theory training session, to ensure maximum safety on the water.

To gain maximum benefit from the theory session we advise you to do some pre-study prior to attending. Click Here for pre-study.


You'll need to bring along suitable proof of identity. Eg drivers licence, passport.

Persons aged 12-16 years must bring a birth certificate, either original or a certified copy. Their parent or guardian is also required to show proof of identity.

If you're doing the practical session you'll need suitable clothing, hat, sunglasses, sun lotion.

  • NSW marine regulations
  • Collision avoidance rules
  • Safety equipment and how to use it
  • Navigation
  • Anchoring
  • Trip planning
  • Managing emergencies  
  • Weather and tides
  • Engine and boat maintenance
  • Marine radio

The course builds boating knowledge, skill and confidence. It's ideal for people new to boating, and also for existing boaties who wish to upgrade their navigational skills and knowledge of current regulations.

$$$ Savings are available for multiple and group bookings

For more detailed schedule information e-mail or call our local training centre.

Candidates who have significant problems with understanding, reading or writing English are advised to contact their local NSW Maritime office, where interpretative services can be made available.

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