Boat Towing CoursesAustralian Boating College conducts its towing course, designed to teach people how to tow and manoeuvre trailers. So if reversing a trailer is something you find difficult, or something you've never done before, this is the course for you.

Whether you're towing boats, caravans, or horse floats, it doesn't matter. Our instructors tow trailers every day as part of their work and have years of experience, and smart ways to do things up their sleeves; which they're happy to pass on to you.

The aim of the course is to teach students; using professional and structured processes, the best ways to reverse and manoeuvre trailers. You provide your own tow vehicle and trailer, so we can focus the training to best suit your setup. If you don't have a trailer, that's no problem as we can hire you one for a small fee.

The course takes a couple of hours. In a structured process we'll get you to do a variety of tasks which duplicate in our obstacle courses the activities you're likely to find yourself in when using your trailer for the purpose you bought it. Typical situations might include:

  • Hitching & unhitching trailers
  • Driving in confined areas
  • Reversing into parking spots at a caravan park
  • Reversing in a straight line down a boat ramp
  • Reversing down curved driveways at your home
  • Reversing into a shed off a driveway
  • Reversing in amongst other horse floats at an event

We'll teach you about the Australian towing rules as well; and get you to hitch up and tow our on site training trailer, so that you have more experience thanjust handling your own trailer. The nature of towing is that the more practice and experience you have, then the easier it becomes.

The following ABC centres provide this course:

ABC Sydney - 1800 453 886
ABC NSW Central Coast - 1300 904 471
ABC Hunter - (02) 4969 7844
ABC Northern NSW - 0424 014 560
ABC Caloundra - 0427 110 025
ABC Maroochydore - 0427 110 025
ABC Noosa - (07) 5474 1404
ABC Townsville - (07) 4755 1115

Give them a call, or check their schedule and costs on this site via their online schedule.

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